Monday, July 20, 2009

All is Yoga and Everyone a Yogi

Because the whole creation is evolving to That Supreme Truth, Beauty and Unity consciously or unconsciously, through strife and struggle, through life and death, through wars and peace. Yoga essentially means Union with the Supreme Being Who is all these Becomings in Time.

For me all actions dedicated to my Highest Self that's one with the Supreme Self of the Universe is Yoga-the Yoga of Action. All seeking of integral knowledge and discovery of essential truths of anything and everything is Yoga-the Yoga of Knowledge. And when one knows the highest Supreme Godhead integrally, it spontaneously turns into the Yoga of Love, God-Love. Then one does everything not for fulfillment of any desires, not even as a right duty or work to be done but for the sake of Divine in himself/herself in total freedom and absolute delight. Nothing in life and the world is undivine. Everything can be transformed into divine joy, even the very substance and structure of matter itself. This is the Supreme Yoga integrating the paths of action, knowledge and love into Divine Love and its joyous expressions.

This Oneness and union with the Supreme consciousness and Conscious Being does not result in uniformity or homogeneous existence. It becomes a celebration of diversity and infinite variegatedness.

This is our supreme goal and our divine destiny.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Supreme Destiny

Supreme destiny of man is possessing ever-increasing bliss while enjoying an All-powerful and All-knowing state of Infinitude and infinite variegatedness of the universe he inhabits in. Behind nature’s constant seeking and modern man’s quest for power, freedom and and self-expansion; the secret urge driving all these activities of nature and man has always been reaching this ultimate state of beatitude and unity with the Supreme Being of Infinite Totalities.

Realization of this glorious supreme destiny will be possible only through a radical integrated system of self-transformation. And this system must be founded upon eventual omnipotence of Infinite Conscious Force or Tapas. This force is released by self-controlled men and women seeking unity and oneness with Supreme Divine consciuousness that works through them focusing on its own unlimited potentiality together with the self-effective knowledge and self-aware actions emanating from such determined and systematic focus. Innergate is such a system of integrated Yoga founded upon these two key principles of consciousness.

This system is not a one size fits all type of Yoga. It does not act according to a rigid fixed system as in the traditional systems of Yoga, but with a sort of free, intensive and purposeful complex dynamics determined by the temperament of the individual in whom it operates.

In a sense, Innergate is an adaptive integrated system of Yoga. It is a Personalized Yoga or just Personal Yoga. It does not impose fixed rules and rigid conditions on aspirants and seekers of Truth and immortality. It even promises Physical Immortality and eventual transformation of mortal human body into an shape-shifting nonlocalized body of massless wave/particle complex. Such divine birth right of all men is guaranteed by Innergate.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Supreme Sun of Truth and His Rays

The Absolute Truth is the Supreme Consciousness and Conscious Being. He is the Goal and Means of revolutionary Innergate Yoga for radical transformation and subsequent divinization of our inner being, outer body and the entire universe.

He is the Supreme Person and Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is subtler than the subtlest as you can't know Him through logic or analysis. He can't be approached by mind and reason. He is Self of all and everything. He is our Supreme Self andSelf of the Universe as well as of the greater Multiverse that contains trillions and trillions of universes each with its own independent laws of nature including ours. He is your highest self encapsulating your highest potential that you can be.

He is Absolute Truth (Being), Absolute Conscious Force (Dynamic Righteousness) and Absolute Bliss (Delight, Joy and Infinite Freedom). He is beyond all forms and the formless. He is beyond manifested and unmanifested. He is within very atoms, subatomic particles of creation and yet He is beyond creation and anything ever created. His is Time Himself and He is also
Timelessness and what is beyond Time and Timelessness.

He is All-Powerful, All Knowing, Omnipresent Supreme Sun of Truth. His Divine Presence is the source of Cosmic Silence that's everywhere and at every moment. He is the Supreme Love and Lover. He is the Richest Person as He is the absolute owner of everything and His
eternal consort/wife is Goddess of Fortune. He is the supreme Renouncer and Donor as He is ever detached from His creation yet guiding and controlling its evolution every moment. He is the Supreme Father of all and Supreme Lover of All.

He transcends everything and everyone including this humble attempt to describe His ever-increasing unlimited powers and qualities through human language and words. His infinite and transfinite powers are ever increasing at infinite velocity and endless number of new supernormal evolutionary powers are emanating from the depth of His Dynamic Absolute Being.
He is the Eternal Being of Absolute Silence, Peace and Vast Calm and yet He is all Becoming and actions unfolding in Time through all His executive agents including animals and humans.
He is the All-Attractive Supreme Person; One Who attracts all including His apparent enemies. He is sitting at the heart of all things; all living beings, human beings, Earth, other planets, stars, galaxies and universes of all possible histories and spacetimes.

He is equally present in stones and mountains and mighty oceans of the world. He is the indestructible Original Person; Lord and Controller of Universal Mother Nature Whom He impregnates before every creation with all evolutionary possibilities and
beings such as animals and humans. He is All-Beautiful and very embodiment of Eternal Youth. He is all-famous as even most ignorant knows Him in one way or other.

Ontologically or Existentially, He is truly and absolutely independent (Swatantra) and everyone and everything else is dependent (Paratantra) on Him.All things are dependent on one another and ultimately on Supreme Godhead. In evolutionary Integral Yoga, we start depending on this Supreme Being alone for radical transformation and unlimited divinization of our entire existence including our physical body and the entire universe down to the level of matter on every level.

We aspire for this highest goal while constantly rejecting anything that obstructs the fulfillment of the goal. Ultimately we must consciously depend on Supreme Divine for everything and actively surrender to His Supreme Will so that He can mould us into His Higher
Nature. This will free us from the grips of lower nature comprising of various physical, vital and psychological laws. We will find infinite freedom in Supreme Divine as soon as we completely depend on Him alone by becoming His perfect instrument executing His Will in this world.

Six signs of a Divine Instrument or Weapon are 1. he is not a doer; 2. he is free from desires; 3. he has no personal hopes, he is spiritually impersonal; 4. he is beyond dualities and perfectly equal; 5. he is self-fulfilled and not dependent on anything external for his joy; 6. he is the perfect instrument of Godhead executing His Will.